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A Brief Timeline of My Life

Aug 2014

Started College at UC Berkeley

Learned about recursion as well as other foundational computer science concepts

Jan 2017

Studied Abroad

Started a semester abroad at the University of Auckland in New Zealand

Jul 2017

Interned at VMware

Participated in a Software Engineering internship at VMware

May 2018

Graduated from UC Berkeley

Completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Jul 2018

Started Full-Time at VMware

Began my first full-time Software Engineering role at VMware, diving into the world of containers, microservices, and Kubernetes

Aug 2018

Moved to San Francisco

Became a frequent SFMTA consumer

Sep 2019

Started at Mapbox

Started a new job at Mapbox in San Francisco on the Platform team. My focus is on operational and security strategies to support and secure Mapbox’s AWS infrastructure