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Online, multiplayer version of the popular board game Scattergories hosted on AWS

Scattergories was a solo project I undertook early on during shelter-in-place. My partner and I were getting bored of watching Netflix and started playing board games in our free time. We re-discovered Scattergories, a game we both played when we were younger, but soon realized we were spending a lot of time writing lists from 1-10 and wasting a lot of paper. Simultaneously, I had been itching to learn React to understand what the hype was all about. Thus, Scattergories was born. Scattergories is a basic website powered by React on the frontend and Express/Node.js on the backend. The site is hosted on AWS using EC2. I also experimented with AWS CodeDeploy for the first time to build the source code for the project.

While the website only supports one game at a time and has a number of additional features I’d like to implement some day, for now it accomplished my two major desires: a deep dive into React and an eco-friendly, time-saving way to play Scattergories!

Visit to play!